TECON SUAPE offers a well structured physical environment with great facilities and resources for the best performance of the activities, and a series of benefits compatible with the market.

Container and Cargo storage

These services are inherent to container and general cargo handling operations, rendered directly to importers, exporters and cabotage clients or directly to vessel lines, as shown below.

Bonded storage of containers and general cargo (open area or warehouse); Power supply and monitoring of refrigerated containers; Loading/Unloading of containers for imports or exports with pick-up or return of empty containers to and from empty container terminals; Container or general cargo inspections requested by regulatory agencies or cargo consignee; Weighing of containers and general cargo; Container scanning; Bonded Cargo Warehouse (closed warehouse or open yard); Programming and Management of container and general cargo delivery and reception; Other services: Upon request;

For more information about our services, please contact our Client Service Center – CSC by telephone at 81-3527.5272 / 74 or by e-mail: csc@teconsuape.com, Monday through Friday from 07h30am to 04h30pm and Saturday from 07h30am to 11h30am.
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