TECON SUAPE S/A., founded in 2001, is part of the ICTSI Group (www.ictsi.com), specialized in the acquisition, development, management and operation of ports and container terminals throughout the world.

The Terminal initiated operations in 2002 and the continuous investments in human capital, information technology, state of the art pier and backup area equipment, warehouse and yard infrastructure for the storage, including refrigerated storage, of containers and general cargo have been decisive in promoting the growth of container movement in Pernambuco and further states within the range of the terminal.

Our Mission

To provide port services with excellence, competitiveness, profitability and social environmental responsibility, generating value for shareholders, collaborators, clients, as well as for the region and the country.

Our Values

Moral and legal principles (honesty, transparency and ethics).

To reach our objectives in compliance with legal requirements, always supported by our moral and ethical principles, with the honesty and transparency of all our collaborators and of the company, towards our clients and society.

Commitment and Satisfaction

We shall act in commitment with the objectives and goals of the company, performing the daily activities with efficiency and excellence, preserving the environment and the social well-being of our collaborators.

Management of Results

We are a team of winners that permanently overcomes all challenges and obstacles, guided towards the achievement of our objectives, developing methodologies that allow us to monitor their fulfilment.


We continuously seek new ways to conduct our activities with increased efficiency, allowing us to positively respond to our clients’ needs.

Speed of Response

We respond to the demands of the market and of our organization in an agile and proactive manner, always generating value in all our actions.

Focus on the Market

We demonstrate constant interest in knowing and understanding the market, clients and competitors in order to identify the opportunities and risks for our company, close to our environment, constructing relationships that allow us to consolidate our operations.

Capacity to Adapt

When facing more demanding and competitive environments, we must adapt our behavior in a positive and constructive manner, thus facilitating the development of new ways to perform our activities and render services. 



TECON SUAPE is located in the Port of Suape, in the Northeast region of Brazil, at the easternmost tip of the South American Atlantic Coast: a strategic position in relation to the major shipping routes.


  • To be a reference in container handling operations, satisfying client expectations and complying with mooring windows, productivity, compliance of yard service deadlines, infrastructure availability and equipment availability and reliability;
  • Culture of Quality and Risk Management with the permanent ability to adapt to our clients’ needs;
  • Commitment to results and to the appreciation of collaborators, always prioritizing occupational safety and environmental preservation;
  • Rational use of natural resources with the reduction of environmental impacts, the prevention of pollution and of flaws in our processes and services;
  • ZERO accident rate.


Management Policy

TECON SUAPE’s Integrated Management Policy is aimed towards the constant quest for client satisfaction and the continuous improvement of its performance, always respecting the current legislation and other applicable requirements.
With preventive actions in work safety and environmental protection, the company seeks to ensure the well-being and health of its collaborators with integrity and environmental balance, serving as a model of doing business in the present and for future generations.


Aiming at the continuous improvement of its activities, at the relentless pursuit of client satisfaction and at the demonstration of its commitment and responsibility towards future generations in relation to the preservation and conservation of the environment, TECON SUAPE was awarded, on February 20th, 2004, the ISO 9001/2000 Certificate and, on June 2nd, 2005, the ISO 14001 Environmental Certificat.


Located in an area of 400 thousand m², TECON SUAPE currently has the capacity to handle 721.5 thousand TEUS (Twenty Foot Equivalent Units) per year, with the possibility, in the future, of moving up to 1.2 million TEUS per year.
The current structure includes:

  • 390m wide, 16.5 m deep access channel;
  • Linear mooring berths with a total extension of 935m;
  • 15.5m berth operational depth;
  • Roadway scale;
  • Customs, MAPA and Anvisa offices inside the terminal;
  • Complete structure for power supply and temperature monitoring of refrigerated containers;
  • Area for inspection of refrigerated cargo;
  • Warehouse for inspections by authorities;
  • Bonded Warehouse (CFS);
  • Container scanner.
  1. Gate in
    portão de entrada
  2. Administrative Building
    escritórios administrativos
  3. Customs Administrative Building
    escritório da receita federal
  4. Truck Weighbridge
    balança rodoviária
  1. Container Yard
    yard de contêiner
  2. Customs Inspection
    área de inspeção e vistoria
  3. Container Freight Station (CFS)
    Armazém de carga
  4. Customs Warehouse
    Armazém da receita federal
  1. Truck Scaner
    escaner rodoviário
  2. Engineering Maintenance
    engenharia de manutenção
  3. Berth
  4. Quay Crane
  1. Yard Crane (RTG)
  2. Reefer Container Yard
    yard contêiner refrigerado
  3. Expansion Area
    Área de Expansão (25.000m²)
  4. Gate off
    portão de saída

Information Systems

TECON SUAPE invests heavily in state of the art technology developed specifically for container terminals, ensuring integrated solutions with both internal and external clients and consenting agencies / parties. Among these solutions we point out:

NAVIS Sparcs/N4 System

The most advanced and flexible terminal management system that allows for the real-time graphic operational planning of the loading and unloading operations, control of the handling and storage of various types of cargo, billing management for services and commercial agreements.

Automatic gates with OCR technology

For optical recognition of container and truck license plate images, and biometric screening.

Client Portal

For online queries on cargo movement and document processing, service requests and scheduling of cargo pick-up and reception.

EDI Channels(Electronic Data Interchange)

With clients, for loading and unloading transactions and delivery and reception of containers.


Solutions for the scanning of the container images, integrated weighing and remote monitoring for the Brazilian Internal Revenue Service.


Accounting / financial, purchasing process control and inventory management system.