In order to improve its activities, to better satisfy its customers and to show its committed and responsibility towards future generations, in relation to preserving and maintaining of environment, TECON SUAPE earned, in February 20th 2004, the ISO 9001/2000 Certificate and in June 2nd 2005, the Environmental Certificate ISO 14001/2004.


Integrated Management Policy:

The integrated management policy of Tecon Suape S / A is focused on the relentless pursuit of customer satisfaction and continual improvement of its performance according to the laws in force.

With preventive attitudes in safety and protection of the environment, the company aims to ensure the welfare and health of its employees with integrity and balance of the environment serving as a business model in the present and future generations.

The basics:

Being a reference at containers handling, achieving customers’ expectations.

• Service of quality, safety at the operation and productivity;

• Develop policies that encourage good working environment, by promoting practices that strengthen the motivation, satisfaction and commitment to the company;

• Develop policies that address the perspectives of staff, a stimulating work environment, pleasant, safe and productive, promoting management practices that strengthen the motivation, satisfaction and commitment with the company;

• Seek a zero accident index;

» ISO 9001/2000 (BVC-INMETRO)
» ISO 9001/2000 (BVC-UKAS)

» ISO 14001/2004 (BVC-INMETRO)
» ISO 14001/2004 (BVC-UKAS)
» ISPS: Certificated by IMO, No. 8152, in June 2004:



Port name: Suape, Brazil
Status: Port Open
Port ID Number: 24825
UN Locator code: BRSUA
Port facility name: TECON SUAPE S/A
Assigned port facility number: 8152
approval date: 13-Jul-2004
Has this port facility plan (PFSP) been withdrawn: No